Plain Sex
If you have anal sex w/out a condom, can you see come on your shit?

No, it gets absorbed. Your intestines are meant to absorb. That’s why people get HIV. If you like having sex (of any kind) and want to keep having sex for years to come, I wouldn’t recommend having unprotected anal sex.

For your own benefit, and mine, help stop the spread of STDs so that we can all have a good time. Practice safe sex. Satisfying, gratifying, God-glorifying safe sex.

He tries to lean me over the couch, but it’s late at night and I don’t have blinds. We walk to the bedroom, and get right at it. I’m on top, which is always better. I decided to get a little more erotic, by holding myself up with the headboard, then lengthening my torso upward, and squeezing my breasts while still riding his dick. I know he likes to watch me touch myself, and my abs look amazing when I lean back a little. He reaches for my breasts, so I move one hand to my clitoris and one is thrown behind me so I can lean further back without falling. I like this angle. I cum, accidentally, and lean forward onto him, and straighten my legs flat on the bed. One hand holds his ass, the other holds the back of his head. Positioned like this it’s easier for him to thrust with me. He breathes heavily “fuck me… oh yeah, I want you to cum on my dick… cum… cum… keep moving.. your pussy feels so wet” Again, I accidentally cum. It feels so good when I’m on top I can’t hold back. He gets me from behind. We’re on our knees, his hands hold my hip so he can forcefully go in and out while keeping me stable. He presses on my upper back, signalling me to lean down. He can get it deeper when my ass is up and my head is down. We lay flat, still from behind. He has one arm above my head holding my hand down, his other hand on my breast. My other hand is back on the side of his ass. I can feel his balls slap my clitoris with every thrust. It’s amazing. He’s breathing, grunting, moaning. “I want to cum, I’m going to cum. This is too much. I need to put a condom on so I can fuck you all night. I want to keep fucking you.” He uses his phone as a light as we search my drawers for the condoms. He puts one on, and gets back on top, this time we’re facing each other. He holds himself up with the headboard, a trick he obviously learned from me. I turn on my side and straighten my bottom leg between his legs. I bend my top leg so that my foot is behind him and my thigh and inner knee wrap around his lower abs. He’s on his knees and holding himself up by holding on to my thigh, the thigh of the leg that’s bent around him. He pounds it in and out. “Your pussy’s so tight.” He’s close to cumming so we switch positions again. We’re both on our sides, he’s behind me again. Spooning, he wraps an arm around me and holds tight on my breast. I hold on to it too, with my hand on his. My other hand goes down to stimulate my clitoris. He stops moving, it must be too much for him. I stop, but he breathes “keep going, it feels so good” I continue to finger myself, but want to be fucked too, so begin to move my body too. His dick goes in and out, to my rhythm. He stops moving again, but I keep going. I can feel his cock throb, he’s cumming inside of me, and I cum again. We rest, he pulls out, tosses the condom and we fall asleep. I awake the next day to an empty bed.



It’s 8am. I always wake up early, it’s the day light that gets in my way. I try to fiddle on the internet, but blogging about last night’s sexcapade begins to turn me on again. He’s asleep beside me, still naked and wrapped snuggly in my blanket. I lay across him and brush my fingertips around this thighs, his abs, his sides. I slide my fingers to his inner thigh, the area to side of his balls. I run my fingers up over the coarse hairs to where the elastic band would be if he were wearing underwear. I avoid touching his actual penis but can tell it’s experiencing some morning wood. I get on top of him and his penis rests nestled near the opening of my vagina. I would’ve been fine staying there for a while, but in his still zombie sleep he moves his pelvis to and fro. I’m dry, but turned on. He tries to slide his penis in without having to hold it, but my vagina is too dry for easy access. Just the head goes in, and it moves it about. Even this feels good. He spits in his hand to take care of the situation and begins larger movements beneath me as though he were never asleep. His eyes stay closed, he doesn’t speak so he appears still tired though his poundings prove otherwise. We rub, we hump, we moan. He presses me off of him so he can be behind me on his knees. Both of us on our knees, traditional doggy style. My chest is to the bed and I wonder what he’s looking at. Could it be my back, my butt, the wall? My hair is completely covering any peripheral vision I may have. When he grabs my buttocks and takes longer thrusts I can tell he’s watching his penis go in and out. He pushes me down, so we’re both laying flat. I still lift and tilt my pelvis towards him, it’s pleasurable for us both. He thrusts and thrusts. I forget how early it is. He has one hand holding my hand down, above our heads, the under me on my hipbone. A few more thrust and he’s through. He pulls out, rolls over, and cums all over his belly.

A few kisses on the cheek, head, lips… It doesn’t take much to get started. He doesn’t come over until almost midnight and I wonder whether I can stay awake for a go-around. Apparently, I can.

He grabs my hand and rubs it all down his side, around his legs, and back up to his buttocks. I like to touch him, but not in this way. My hand is released and he goes straight for my vagina. One finger in, the others folded up to stimulate my clitoris. I’m not sure if that’s his intention, but its happening. He lays his head on my stomach while fingering me as if to say “I’ll do the work, you just relax.” When he repositions himself to nibble at my nipple I take a breath in anticipation. It’s too much. I shimmy around so that I too can touch him and grasp his penis. He’s still on top of me, our hands next to one another,  one fingering, one stroking. He moans even on the first stroke, through the thick fabric of his underwear. Our clothes are taken off and he goes right in. I can feel every bit of this penis. He holds on tight and thrusts hard, our bodies seem sculpted together. His knees pull up, we’re in the corner of the day bed so he can rest one hand on each side of the headboard. His hands hold up his torso while he thrusts in and out. It’s too much, too primal, too savage. He takes one arm and places it beneath my lower back. My body is pulled up towards him and he leans in to rest his forehead on my mine. Still being propped up by one arm and leaned in with me, the bed begins to make sounds with his movements. “You feel so good” he breathes between strokes.  He pulls my leg to be folded under his abs and point out the other way. I know he likes this position, this is usually when he would reach up to turn the light on. Luckily, this time he refrains. Probably because we’re still wedged in the corner of the bed. My left leg is folded across my body, pointing out right; my right leg lays straight down, between his legs. He’s up on his knees still, and has easy access from this position. He has both hands on my left thigh, the one perpendicular with his torso, and he uses them to both keep him up and move my body with his. From here he likes to look down and watch his penis being thrusted in and out. When he gets too much stimulation he leans in and rests his head on mine again. Sliding down on our sides, he gets me from the back. Our knees bent together, his one free arm around me on my breast. My one free arm sent back to rest on his buttocks. This position I like best because I can finger myself while he pounds away. I don’t do it this time though, it would be too much. He lets go of my breast to lift up my butt cheek so that he can get closer.  Quickly he pulls out, but doesn’t cum. He’s on his back and I mount him. One arm beneath his shoulder blade, one on his buttocks. He has both hands rubbing my back. Our knees bent and bodies glued, are movements are in sync. We are pressed together to the point I can feel his ball sack on my butt when we move. Beneath me he begins to move so fast I can’t keep up. Small thrusts that almost simulate a vibrator. He kisses my ear and moans. No words, just sounds. I straighten my legs down to get more stimulation on my clitoris and just like that, I climax. A few thrusts later he does too.  We fall quickly asleep.